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Kitty Savage


To all my Kutesy Kitten Babes,

If you’re reading this you’re probably a very, very bad cat!

Are you seeking the sickest and sassiest new duds & threads? Follow me down this back alley...

I'm a true pastel unicorn dream queen at heart but that doesn't stop me from swooning over all things punk rock and creepy.

My wicked heart knows there's enough room for both! I guess you could say I am a perfect mix of all things creepy and cute.

I live for re-working the old and making it new. Customising everything perfectly - originality and individuality is what I'm about.

Sink your claws in now, if you think you are baddass enough for me - maybe we can kick some cans at a few gigs, and break some

bleeding hearts along the way.

.......Or we could just spread some glitter in the bathroom.


Kitty Savage x