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Just a POP of colour! With Retro Pop Art at Trash Monkey Stores!





Imagine seeing the world where the colours are all wrong.

It’s hard to envision how much it would affect your life without experiencing it first hand.

Driving would become much more tedious task.

Reading signs would become impossible in some cases.

Even picking out the finest retro clothing would become a difficult mission.

One would assume a creative outlet like painting would be completely out of the question.

That assumption would be incorrect.




Bruce Clayton of Retropop Art is proving that severe colour blindness can’t overcome a creative soul.

Color blindness, or colour vision deficiency, affects roughly 8% of the male population and 0.5% of females.

An Australian artist, who carves furniture and paints his art by hand, releases limited edition prints of his most popular works.

Bruce has never seen true colour, yet produces some of the most lively and exciting retro-themed artwork ever seen.

Sugar skulls and rockabilly gals.

Vintage slogans and tattoo inspired Sailor Jerry tributes.

Bruce has long admired Roy Lichtenstein and the world of pop art and this inspiration flows through on his own individual painted pieces.

Signature pieces of superhero furniture to brighten up any décor with The Hulk & Batman coffee tables being the most popular custom pieces of art on demand.




Walking into the Retropop Art workshop is walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for Art and Pin Ups.

Soon, Bruce will witness the beautiful rainbow in his artworks.

Bruce set out on his art journey not too long ago to help raise awareness about colour blindness.

“Too many kids go through life not knowing, they choose their career path, do the studies only to find out they are colourblind; depending on the severity say goodbye to so many jobs!” says Bruce.

“People can tell you all day you’re colour blind but you won’t really know till you take the test because you can’t see what they are seeing.

“All this pain can be avoided by testing the kids at an early age. So far this is reliant on the parents.”

The mastermind of Retropop will be receiving new glasses, which will allow him to see true colour for the first time.

Trash Monkey in Fortitude Valley is now featuring two blasts of Retropop colour.




Visit his works in a Trash Monkey Store near you as our latest resident artist.

Head to our online store that is bursting with retro loving and limited edition affordable prints.

Get your very own piece of genuine Australian art now.

In the meantime, stay up to date with Retropop on Facebook and online.