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About Us – Rockabilly Dresses, Retro Clothing, Pin Up Girl Clothing and More!

Trash Monkey is your online alternative, retro & pin up girl clothing specialist!

Stylin' has never been so easy. With our exceptional collection of items from awesome designers, you'll delight in the variety available while planning what to wear at which event. You'll realise why Trash Monkey has become the one-stop site for the last word in alternative clothing and rockabilly clothes in particular.

Trash Monkey is a group of creatives from all walks of like mostly drawn from Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Australia. An alternative bunch of chimps that strive to bring you the latest in fashion from rockabilly, punk, pinup, day wear, evening wear, cyber gear, steamy faeries, pastel goth, custom made goodies and vintage delights. A department store of sorts for those who seek something that is not being sold on mass in the larger mainstream department stores.

Established in a back room in Brisbane Australia in 2007  we have grown to 3 stores and online store that customers around the world have come to love. So whether you are a rockstar, a pinup princess, mum of three kids or dude who needs some cool duds you will all fit perfectly into the trash monkey mix of misfits for forward thinking fashion!

We stock a range of alternative clothing including retro clothing, Pin Up Clothing, rockabilly clothing, vintage dresses plus jewellery, makeup, shoes and more! Come meet us IN the FLESH in our Retro & Pin Up clothing stores or ORDER ONLINE some retro and pin up girl clothing today!

We recommend you "see for yourself" a visit in person will be well worth it!

That’s right! You will want to spend some time in Australia’s coolest new shop, lap up some zany & schmoozy service, soak up some cool tunes and visual delights while shopping for some one off “must have” individual items that have been hand picked for this amazing store specialising in retro and pin up girl clothing.

Create your own fashion statement, style or costume and really have fun being yourself either in pin up girl clothing or punk clothes!

Embracing existing subcultures and morphing the alternative and mainstream fashion

Trash Monkey has an awesome team of creative people! Seriously they are out there and inspired and the feel good fluffy bit is that this corporate phenomenon is so anti establishment that we all LOVE what we do. We also don't like being told what to do so guess that you don't either.

So please join us on this epic journey and tell all your friends, the more the merrier. We are sick of boring fashion that is mass produced with no attention to detail or individuality of all of us cool cats out there.

A lovely 10% of profits are used for local community & youth charity projects and events. Happy Days!

Rockabilly Clothing by Trash Monkey

Rockabilly clothing, the name congers up images of Sun Records, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and even the early Beatles. Cowboy boots, western shirts, slicked up hair styles and black chinos all embody the style of early Rock and Roll coupled with a western flair. The style may not be enjoyed by the masses, but that's what makes this unique style so endearing. The look is rowdy, distinctive and very awesome.

At Trash Monkey, we revere that look. In reality, rockabilly clothing has never been abandoned; it was simply hidden among alternative styles without fanfare. Trash Monkey is proud to showcase an extraordinary collection of rockabilly clothes and retro dresses including: hats, gloves, jewellery, shoes, dresses, trousers, cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, combat boots, accessories and more. You'll find a vast array of rockabilly clothing and other alternative styles with striking designs by a wide variety of brands including:

  • Alice Takes a Trip
  • Bada Bing
  • Bettie Page
  • Manic Panic
  • Day of the Dead
  • Disturbia
  • Ed Roth Rat Fink
  • Hell Bunny
  • Kill Star
  • Manic Panic
  • Retro Rockabilly
  • Lime Crime
  • Voodoo Vixen
  • Pinup Girl Clothing
  • Many more!

At Trash Monkey, rockabilly clothing isn't a side dish; it's the main course. Classic styles that stole the hearts of America's hip crowd could never die, no more than Rock and Roll could ever die. Perfect for concert wear, hanging at the beach, weekend parties, shopping, or chillin', rockabilly clothes epitomises youth and unconventionality. They bring out the joy of being your own person, and celebrating the fun of life.

You'll find an amazing assortment of retro dresses featuring styles that not only turn the guys' heads but the girls' too! There is chic feminine attire along with hypnotic street designs that create a striking pose. We feature hair colours, distinctive neckties, sexy socks, belts, sunglasses, handbags, hair clips and everything to add the perfect touch to your outfit.

You'll also discover a superb collection of menswear including western shirts, boots, hats, ties and jewellery.

You've heard of alternative music. Now there's alternative clothing to go along with it. Alternative clothing is, in a nutshell, a style of fashion that has at some point in time not been aligned with what was mainstream. The most prominent styles are those of the 'emo' and 'goth' fashions, but others that coincide with specific subcultures include 'cyberpunk,' 'industrial,' and even 'hip hop.' Commonly seen on individuals who want to make a statement or stand out from the crowd of people wearing whatever brand name is popular, alternative fashion plays the part of making a statement more so than being functional. The clothing might be bright and colourful, or dark and grungy – either way, something that appeals to a cult audience more so than the mainstream.

An example of an alternative clothes line that represents alternative fashion is Dickies. While popular, Dickies' overly long shorts and high socks represent the hip hop subculture more than any sort of mainstream fashion, and this sets it apart so that it falls firmly into the realm of alternative fashion.

Another example is Alice Takes a Trip. Marked by clothing with dark colours and a distinct goth feel, Alice Takes a Trip covers a wide range of personalities. With dresses adorned with forest patterns and wildlife, the clothing certainly makes a statement that won't soon be forgotten.

The company Liquor Brand is another example. Their clothing seems to come right out of a biker bar, with dark angels and skulls, flames and playing cards adorning shirts, hats, and even purses. The brand portrays a distinct sense of toughness and is reminiscent of the Hell's Angels.

Retro Rockabilly hearkens back to the rockabilly era of the 50s and 60s with its floral, high waist dresses, the large sunglasses, and the classy and elegant pearl necklaces. Anyone with this style could fit as easily in a Beach Boys video as they could in the modern day.

No matter the brand, alternative clothing has one thing in common: a burning desire to stand apart from the crowd, to be noticed, and to say “We are unique.”